Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I love the new look! Thanks Cali for all your help. You're the best big sister ever!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Look

Hey, I hacked into Shiloh's blog and fancied it up for her. (With her permission of course.) But she hasn't even seen it yet. So I'm interested to know what y'all think. I think this looks very Shiloh. What do you think? --Cali


My last post is a testament to my lack of knowledge when it comes to technology. I had started a post and accidentally posted before I was ready and went to take it off my blog and couldn't figure out how so I managed to edit it down to "nothing". Anyway here is my own Easter parade. I made all the girls dresses and the boys ties over the course of a day or so.
Then I decided to make myself a dress. Oh my overestimation of my abilities and underestimation of time. I kept messing up and was up all night Saturday ripping out seams and resewing them. I think they all turned out pretty well though.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Sunday, March 16, 2008

My 100

Ok, I'll take the challenge here are 100 things about me.

1 I live in South Carolina (at the moment)

2 I was born in Texas

3 I lived there longer than any other state

4 I've lived in 13 different states

5 And 22 different cities

6 I lived in Mexico for 2 months

7 I would love to go back for a month or two

8 I want to take my kids to Mexico

9 I want to teach my kids Spanish

10 I am planning on homeschooling my kids this year

11 I want to plant a garden.

12 I have a sandbox for a back yard

13 I like mountain biking

14 I haven't gone trail riding in years

15 I love running

16 Especially trail running

17 I train for and run a 5k road race between each pregnancy

18 This time I'm trying a 10k

19 We are planning on having more kids

20 We want to get our kids into running (and mountain biking)

21 They love going to races and running when they have kids events

22 We like taking our kids camping and hiking

23 You get odd looks when you take little kids on trails more than a mile long.

24 I have a love/hate relationsip with clearance sales

25 I love the bargains but inevitably buy things I don't need

26 Acquistion therapy to make one feel better only works for a short time then guilt takes over for spending money instead of facing what was bothering you (unless you acquired really cute shoes! Then you need not feel guilt.)

27 I won't go into how I know that

28 My hair is short again. Cami cut it last night.

29 I enjoy Disney channel, just not as much as my kids do.

30 I like waterfalls

31 I want to design a waterfall to go with the inground pool for my dream house

32 I want to build it somewhere warm.

33 In fact tropical would be nice.

34 I love the South

35 I like crafts and making things

36 I don't like cluttering my home with crafts once they are made.

37 I am in process of de-cluttering my home.

38 It is a never-ending process.

39 Sometimes I want to get rid of everything and just start over

40 Then I decide I really don't want that

41 I just want to be better organized with the things I have

42 I don't care much about sports

43 I've never watched an entire sporting event on television

44 I take that back, I've watched horse racing

45 But a race lasts less then 5 minutes

46 That's about the longest I've spent watching any other sporting event too

47 I love reading

48 I'm addicted to chocolate

49 I have chocolate in some form every day

50 I realize I have a problem and have been cutting back

51 I won't say I'm going to quit chocolate all together, but 2 large mugs of hot cocoa, cookies (choc. chip or Oreos), and several pieces of straight chocolate candy (kisses, m&ms, choc. bars, ect) a day was excessive.

52 I'm down to one form of chocolate a day and cutting back on that.

53 I haven't had Hot Cocoa for over a week.

54 And I couldn't figure out why I didn't lose weight as fast after this baby, DUH.

55 I've lost 5 lbs over the last couple weeks

56 I like snuggling babies when I take a nap on the couch

57 I like snuggling babies period.

58 Did I really need to write the word "period" if I was ending the sentence with a period?

59 I need to use better grammer.

60 My husband corrects our children's grammer more than I do.

61 His mother is a language arts teacher.

62 I love theater

63 I've been in at least 13 plays or musicals.

64 Unfortunately I don't remember much of some of them.

65 Guess it didn't make as much of an impression as I thought.

66 I was Cali's understudy in Joseph ATATD.

67 It was the only time I think an understudy didn't want the lead to miss a performance.

68 My kids like watching the movie with Donny Osmond

69 I like it too

70 I like wearing sandals

71 I didn't wear them for years because I was overly concious of my feet.

72 My right foot got cut by a lawnmower when I was 10

73 I realized after about 10 years people really don't notice the scars or my toe.

74 The scar is mostly on the bottom of my foot and my toe just looks fat.

75 I want palm trees in my yard

76 I'd like to take a cruise

77 I want to take my kids to Hawaii

78 I love fireplaces in
79 My favorite color is yellow
80 It makes me think of sunshine and flowers
81 1 cup of Kashi and 1.5 cups of milk will keep me full for over 3 hours
82 Most of the time I eat something about every hour or so that I'm awake
83 Most of the time those are small snacks like a few crackers or pieces of fruit (or chocolate)
84 I'm blessed with a metabolism that can run on pure sugar.
85 I inherited my sweet tooth from my Grandma Peggy
86 At eighty-someting she still eats dessert after most meals.
87 That doesn't include her daily doses of dark chocolate.
88 I know who I take after
89 I try to do my unhealthy snacking when the kids aren't around
90 I want my kids to eat healthier than I did
91 I know I have to teach by example
92 I do cook healthy meals (most of the time)
93 I've learned to cook
94 I can make choclate chip cookies without a recipe
95 And my mom's chicken enchiladas
96 I love the way babies smell after a bath
97 I love my husband and the fact that he loves me!
98 My family is my life.
99 I like anything we can do together
100 I look forward to forever with them!