Thursday, October 23, 2008

School projects

I know you are all shocked by the fact that I am posting again within a week of my last post and not a month, however fact is sometimes much stranger than fiction. On that note allow me to share some of the more interesting parts of our school days.

Emily had to read an article and a poem recently on the Plains Indians and the buffalo. She was supposed to write two reasons why there are fewer buffalo today than in the 1800's. Her answer was in big bold capital letters "THEY ARE DEAD" and if she knew what it meant I'm sure she would have added "DUH" to that. Ah, the attitude of a seven year old and the obvious stupidity of adults asking the questions. I just busted out laughing and had to call Jason at work with that answer.

We have gotten to do some fun things like our latest project. Jonas has been studying ancient Egypt and got to learn to write using hieroglyphs. The symbols originally stood for words, but then evolved into standing for sounds so there is a kind of modified alphabet he used. We made some "clay" that he carved names into, his own of course then mom, dad and Bobo. (Sorry "Grandpa Darryl" was a little too long for him). Of course all the other kids had to get in on the action too, so I took some pictures. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

For Grandma and Grandpa

Ever since we had our "Christmas-in-July-with-a-Moroccan-Santa-Clause" in Nauvoo, Grandma and Grandpa have been begging for pictures of all the kids in their Moroccan outfits. Here they are (finally).