Sunday, June 21, 2009

"I know a secret!"

"You can't keep a secret."

"I can keep secrets really good! I have my forgetting powers!"

"Can I make a rock slide down the sand pile?"

"Dat not a seekwet!"

"I'm gonna be a big brother."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Markers, Haircuts and a Lucky Shirt

Ok so I had a few surprises this morning. The first was that while I was upstairs Lydia got hold of an orange permanent marker and gave herself freckles like Mommy and Jonas. She also colored her hands just for fun. Any ideas how to get this off? Next we have Adrianna who last night pulled a Pedro. In case you haven't seen "Napoleon Dynomite" I'll explain. She was very hot and her ponytail had gotten knocked sideways so some of her hair had come out of the elastic holding it back. Instead of just asking me to fix it she got a pair of scissors and cut off the locks that were sticking to her face and neck. She then took out her ponytail completely before I could notice and fell asleep. When I went to brush her hair this morning I noticed. She had even cut of pieces of her hair that were still in the ponytail so I really had to cut it and do some creative layering this morning to try and even it all out. I fixed it for now but luckily Cami is coming up next week and can make it look a little smoother I hope. Some pieces will just have to grow out some more. She wasn't thrilled with the haircut but we had a long talk on the consequences of cutting our own hair. After all that Jonas came in wearing a very familiar looking camoflouged Transformers shirt. I asked him if hadn't he worn that yesterday, and the day before? (Luckily he had not been playing outside much). He answered in the affirmative and said this was the fourth time he had worn it without it getting washed because it was his lucky shirt. We had a little dicussion about how unlucky it would be if nobody would play with him because he was stinky or if he got sick because he didn't wash his clothes. He'll probably wear it again tomorrow but it is getting washed today.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My New Room

I know you are all shocked and amazed that I am finally updating. I found the cords to my camera at last so I am able to have pictures to download. This post is going to have pictures of my new room. Now most of you know I am not a great house keeper. But the fact that half of our bedroom has been used as a storage room pretty much since we moved in is bad even for me. My incredibly amazing sister-in-law Suzanna came down last week with her four kids and in four days we completely transformed my room. We dejunked, decluttered, trashed, and cleaned then refinished furniture, painted and decorated. That would have been a feat in and of itself but the fact that we did this with 10 children ranging in age from 8 years to 2 months "helping" was incredible. Now I will warn you of the graphic nature of the first few pictures. This is picture above is the storage area that was supposed to be my bedchamber. These are the before and they were taken after we had started the sorting process so even though it looks awful believe it or not there was some order to the chaos. In the picture above you can see the opening to the "bedchamber" on the right. No matter how hideous this looks remember the end results speak for themselves. Above is the main room where the bed used to be. The head of the bed was against the wall on the right. The bed used to be where the cabinet and drawing table now are temporarily. This part of the room is not yet finished it will become a library/sitting room (with a fireplace between the windows eventually). Jason will be starting on the book shelves this weekend hopefully. Now I know you've been waiting for this so here it is. The finished bedchamber. This obviously is the straight on view. The side tables are the same green and gold ones that were in grandma Peggy's house we just refinished them along with the head board we haven't used in years. It used to have a green and cream crackled finished and where you see the light panels those are actually bamboo place mats cut to fit into the panel recesses. And Daddy, thank you for the Moroccan pillow shams. Don't they look just perfect?!Now to the left side notice the awesomely huge mirror.( It weighs a ton, well you know what I mean, that's why it's not hanging.) However, I actually like it leaning like that, go figure. Now to the right. Notice the same shelves that were in the other room minus the clutter (and several pictures that I actually really liked, but just didn't go with the look). Heather and Suzanna picked out the pictures above the bed which are hard to see in these pictures (they are purple flowers on a chocolate brown back ground) and the plants (hope you notice the second one). They also picked out a little round lamp on the left hand night table that in the picture just looks like a ball of light. It's really pretty though. Anyway I love my new retreat and can't wait to have a "library" in my room! (Those of you who know me know that is like a fantasy for me.)
For anyone who is wondering we used mostly things I already had and were able to do this with very little money spent. To be honest I didn't know I had such good looking stuff.