Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ok so we got a little busy and I forgot to take pictures until after we were done trick or treating. Our neighborhood sanctioned Saturday night trick or treating which worked out very well for us. So here are the kids.
Emily was the Greek goddess Athena.
Jonas was a demigod from Camp Half-blood (greek battle armor yet no tunic/dress) check out the Percy Jackson books for more details on what that all entails.
Adrianna was a garden fairy but she had already shed her wings and wig and cute little fairy hat.
Preston was an indian/knight he had already taken off the breast plate, shield, helmet, cowboy boots and sword, but he still had his indian shirt.
Lydia was also a fairy her color theme was purple though.
Adam was Yoda and by the time this picture was taken Jason had dubbed him "bloody Yoda" although that is chili that dripped down his front not blood. He had also managed to lose his light saber by this time.
There are not any pictures of Mags at the moment. I will put the Tigger outfit back on her and take a picture tomorrow but I didn't realize we hadn't gotten one of her until it was too late. Everyone got lots of candy and we gave out lots as well so all in all I call it a successful night. We hope y'all had a good Halloween too!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A conversation with Adam and Lydia



"Adam! are you OK? What's wrong?"
"Wydia caw me name." *sniffle* *sniffle*
"Lydia called you a name?"
"Lydia, come here please... What did she call you?"
"Say" *sniffle*
Say? Ok I know that's not right, "Tell me again what did she call you?"
Oh, good she's here, "Lydia, Adam says you called him a name. "
"No I didn't"
"Ok then what did you say to him?"
"I told him 'No way Jose!' "
Jose... I get it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The State Fair

Well I have no idea why I have underlines on this, but I can't get them to go away so here goes. Last Saturday we had a family adventure at the South Carolina State Fair. The following pictures are not in chronological order for the evening, and no we did not go to the future, the time stamp on them is wrong. Also there was a smudge on my lens that I didn't notice at the time, but it makes the pictures look blurry, sorry about that. Yay! the underline went away!
This the the 100th anniversary year for Boy Scouts (oh dear the line is back) so if a scout or leader wore their uniform they got in free. Jonas always looks for reasons to wear his scout uniform so this was a big one for him. We saw people in all sorts of outfits including this guy. Jonas thought his glasses were so cool he went up and asked if he could take a picture with him.

I don't know what happened, but my typing just went back to normal. We had all kinds of fun. Emily and Jonas went down the BIG slide.
Maggie had her own ride all night! She really enjoyed eating sweet potatoe french fries! She also tried funnel cakes and elephant ears and of course loved them both!
All that excitement and a full belly wore her out!
I think this is the only picture of me there since I was the one taking most of the pictures.
Even Lydia and Adam got to ride some rides.
Daddy stood in line with them to make sure everyone had the correct tickets and was able to get on ok.
We enjoyed a break in one of the exhibit halls. The SC dairy farmers were giving out free milk. Everyone got chocolate of course.
Ok my pictures got a little out of order, but this was the real reason we were in the exhibit hall.
Oh, more of the milk break.

Ok so the real reason we went to the fair in the first place was because Emily Mae's art teacher submitted one of her projects from last year and although it did not win any awards it was chosen to be on display. We are so proud! Look she's pointing to her self portrait.

Way to go Emmy! Thanks for giving us an excuse for another fun family adventure!

You can now stop holding your breath

I know all of you have been waiting for this for quite a while, (though not as anxiously as I have) so I am happy to announce that yes, we finally have a new computer. The ramifications of that being that I can finally check my email regularly again and update my blog a little more often and of course keep better track of my budget and all those other 50 million little things that we do with computers nowadays. and to top it off I can actually download pictures again. Yay. In fact I downloaded a bunch this morning and will next post our latest adventure...the state fair.