Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And the Beadhead Award Goes To...

Lydia's wild hair in the morning always makes me smile! We forgot to take out her ponytail last night so she woke up with Cindy-Lou Who hair. I love it!

Look what I did!!!!!

Ok so I kind of have a minor issue with starting little projects and they turn out bigger and grander than I plan on. The latest is no exception. I needed to paint the girls' bedroom. Now I've had the paint for a few months I just was having trouble actually getting it done. I finally decided this was the week. The original idea was lavender walls, white trim and one accent wall with pale pink harlequin style diamonds. Pretty, classy and fairly simple. My pink turned out to be a little brighter than I had intended so I was trying to figure out how to still use it yet tone it down. I still wanted to do something fun, yet original. Long story short I decided to create a plaid wall. I couldn't find a pattern so I just made one up as I was taping and hoped for the best. It turned out way cuter than even I anticipated. When the girls saw it this morning they declared it to be the coolest wall ever. Once I get the room put back together I'll post pictures of everything. Including the new window seat and finished bookshelves. But here is the wall with Emily, Adrianna and Adam this morning.I even managed to go around the door. Oops looks like I need to put the smoke detector back up.