Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sick Kids

As most of you know after reading my mom and Cali's blogs, Adam (6 weeks old) and Lydia (18 months) are in the hospital with RSV (respiratory sincytial virus). Both are stable and slowly improving. Adam is no longer on the c-pap (that's the forced oxygen) but is on warmed, humidified oxygen. He's still on IV fluids, but is allowed to finally bottle feed again. Lydia is still on oxygen but is down to the lowest setting and as soon as she can keep her blood oxygen levels up with the O2 shut off completely they'll let her come home.

I want to thank everyone for the prayers and support on their behalf. I know it is through those prayers and the blessings and mercy of our Heavenly Father that they are able to recover as well and as quickly as they have.

I will continue to update their progress here. Oh, and for those of you wondering Preston is also doing well. Grandma Cindy spoils him completely and he takes full advantage of it! Of course all the other kids do too. so thank you all again!

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Brad Phillips said...

It's good to hear the kids are doing better. They were in our prayers...and I think the news even got Rodney to pray...