Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Part 3

Lydia's birthday was the 28th. We started the day by washing the cars as a family. Jason had more fun soaking the kids with the waterhose than anything. Although since it was 90 degrees at ten in the morning who could blame him.

We had a little family party for Lydia that evening. Jason made her birthday cake. He figured this would be the last time she wouldn't really have a strong opinion on the subject. It was an angel food cake with a cool whip frosting that had fruit in it, pineapple, bananas, strawberries and then blueberries on top. It was very, very good!

Lydia had been getting phone calls all day long with people singing happy birthday to her and by the end of the day she was singing it too. Our little dress up queen.


Cathy Shields said...

What a cutie!! Can't believe its been two years already. And the cake sounds yummy.

Cali & Travis said...

I can't believe Liddy is already two. I was there when she was born!

Carmen said...

Hey Shiloh! I love your blog layout, it's beautiful!

Small confession, I found your blog thru Mollie's. :) (Hope you don't mind).
Anyway, your family is so cute and growing!

-Carmen :)

benweger said...

Shiloh it's Beau Weger from Brazil! I stumbled on to Cali's blog and found yours too. I am very happy to see you doing so well. Your family is beautiful and you all look so happy. Congratulations on all of your success! I blog too at Take care and best wishes.


Hillary and Jake said...

Time for an update sweetie

Ryan & Skye Lowry said...

Yeah Shiloh please update. Adrianna isn't 4 any more.