Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and Home

Ok, so we got one single solitary picture of us at halloween. Emily is some kind of woodland princess, Jonas is "Indiana Jonas", Preston is his sidekick "Short-round", Adrianna is a kittycat princess, Lydia is a Moroccan Princess, Adam is a giraffe, Mom is the Moroccan queen and Dad was just dad handing out candy. We had a great time, our neighborhood really gets into the halloween stuff, so we have more candy than we know what to do with. We always put everyone's candy together in a big bowl so everybody can enjoy it. It took my largest stock pot to contain it this year. Luckily though I can put the lid on it and put it up when I want it away from little hands.

I am also going to show off the shelves in my "school room". For those of you who don't know, we have a five bedroom house. Three for the kids, one for Jason and I, and now one room for school. It's still a work in progress and I took this picture while we were still moving stuff in, so it's a little messy, but you get the idea.

Oh one more cute story. I was trying to get the kids to take baths one morning before school. Everyone else was done and only Jonas was left. He had been reading in the school roon for quite a while and I finally had to go in to try and force him out to take a shower. What I saw was him sitting on the floor with and illustrated book of the Old Testament on his lap and a group of toys in front of him. His excuse for not coming when I'd called him was "But mom I'm teaching Sunday school". As much as I wanted to say "Aww! You-are-so-adorable-and-that-is-the-cutest-thing-ever!" I smiled and said "I am so glad you are and I will let you keep teaching as soon as you are cleaned up because you know that Heavenly Father does not like unclean things." He gave me the look that said "I don't really think this is what He meant." But fortunately he didn't argue the point. So Here are pictures of his "text" and his class.


Elaina said...

I love all the costumes everyone is wearing how fun! I had to laugh at the picture and the story behind what Jonas was doing how adorable!! Would never have thought of saying what you said to him to get him to be cleaned up. Pretty neat!

Kelly and Jesse said...

Your Halloween looks fun. I wish you could have trick or treated us. I miss my babies. By the way, were is Adam's head in the picture. It looks like his giraffe costume has ate him.

Cali and Travis said...

They do look like fun. And sometimes I think Jonas is too smart for his own good!

Darryl and Cindy said...

Is it just me or were you Trick or Treating in Oz at the Emerald City? I love the school room. Jonas comes by his reading and excuse giving Naturally. But what a sweet boy!

Alicia said...

Oh, I am so jealous of your schoolroom! That's so awesome! I love Jonas' story, too. Too cute.

wilkinson_fam said...

I found your blog via a fellow Roseville missionary friend, Sis. Harvey. We are considering homeschooling (will have 4 kids 6 and under) but I am concerned how I would balance my time between my school kids and my young ones. How have you done it? What would your advice be? I would be anxious to hear any suggestions and/or advice you have.

Amanda Kjar Wilkinson