Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sewing = Babysitting

Things are pretty quiet here on the home front. All the kids are in bed so right now I am sitting at the kitchen table giving sewing lessons. Yes I am teaching as I type. Actually there's not much for me to do but make sure my friend is following the directions on her pattern. My friend is one of the young women in my ward and besides just coming over out of the kindness of her heart to keep me company when Jason is out of town she asked me to teach her how to sew. I was extrememly flattered when she asked me and would have taught her no matter what, but she made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Free babysitting in exchange for sewing lessons. Now here's my question for you mothers out there, what would you do for free babysitting? I can tell you sewing lessons is an easy one, plus she gets to count it as one of her personal progress projects (say that ten times fast).

As for the family, we went camping for Jonas' birthday on the 18th. We went to Mistletoe State Park in Georgia and Skye & Ryan met us there for the camp out. Now this was really an awesome thing for them to do because I found out after we got there that the park was only ten minutes from their house yet they came and sat around a campfire and slept on the ground anyway just to spend time with us. I love people who love us :) Jonas got to open his presents around the campfire and said it was the best birthday he ever had. Everybody else really enjoyed it too. We even had the dog with us. It was her first camping trip and she was very well behaved. We have a three room tent and she got one room all to herself and did not bark once all night or try to chew anything. I am constantly amazed that we ended up with such a smart dog. Of course if she wasn't so smart and well behaved she would have been gone a long time ago.

Wow those are the two most exciting things that have happened in the last few weeks. No, wait! We went and visited Grandma Peggy Sunday evening. She's looking good though still very tired and weak (as is expected after heart surgury.) We didn't stay long , just the noise from my kids will tire a healthy person out. Then we went and had a sleep over at Aunt Cami's. (The kid's didn't have school Monday). We all stayed up way too late. After the kids went to bed Cami and I stayed up even later and made magnets and watched movies. I was sure the kids would sleep in after being up so late. No such luck. Oh well. We hung out then all got haircuts before heading back home.

Pretty boring, but that's good, it means nothing catastrophic has happened recently. Although Preston did hit Adrianna in head with the fireplace shovel today. No serious damage (not even a goose egg) but Preston ended up in bed unable to play for 2 hours. He was only supposed stay there while I figured out a suitable punishment, but he fell asleep. The real punishment was not being able to play outside when he woke up. Emily asked her teacher today how many sides a circle has. When the teacher answered "none" Emily replied "What about the inside and the outside?" My children get so much of their personalities from their Father that it's almost scary. (Although it would probably be a lot scarier if they didn't.) Lydia brought me the Snow White and Sleeping Beauty dresses yesterday and insisted one be put on her. She spent the entire day (even nap time) in one or the other. My little princess. Adam finally figured out how to bounce in his jumper thing and not scare himself. It's now one of his favorite things to do and much preferrable to having his siblings hold him. Jonas takes delight in teasing everyone, especially his dad. Like father, like son.

Well, i just had to help my student rip out the entire front basteing of her skirt we're sewing because we put the pleats in backwards. so I better go. That's all for now folks.


Kelly and Jesse said...

I love your update. Kelly and I are laughing our butts off. We miss your kids so much. I can't wait to see you all. Much Love!!

Hillary and Jake said...

That was a great update, Like Jesse and Kelly I too was laughing my but off!

Darryl and Cindy said...

Hillary, something is wrong with your "butt".

Shiloh, thank you for the wonderful update. It is fun to read what your Guffey bunch is up to, but it really make me miss my grandkids!! Boy, I am going to have a lot of hugs to catch up on the next time I see you!

Alicia said...

Your update just makes me giggle. What a beautiful family.