Thursday, May 1, 2008


Just for fun, a few months ago my mom, sisters and I each wrote a poem about "work". Of course that means something different for each person. The peoms were very enlightening and very representative of our personalities I thought. Mine actually sums up a typical day so I'm going to allow all of you a chance to get a glimpse into my head, I mean, life.

Cleaning the House

Books, backpacks, eight pairs of shoes,
Two hundred crayons and fifteen balloons,
Three Barbie dolls, seven matchbox cars,
Diapers, sippy cups, an old granola bar.
A tent of five sheets on my chairs and vacuum
Takes up what’s left of my living room.
Fifteen loads of laundry to fold
A sinkful of dishes in water getting cold.
One child has climbed in the baby’s seat
Another is thinking dog food is a treat.
I pick the dishes up off the floor
Before her thinking can become more.
We start a race to put things away
Before daddy comes home at the end of the day
With armfuls of toys, blankets and clothes
They run upstairs like they know where each goes.
I finish the dishes, and start supper to cook
I give the downstairs a once over look.
“Not bad” I think of the job that they’ve done
The house looks decent I say everyone’s won.
Daddy comes home and gets hugs and kisses
We have our dinner and then do the dishes.
Then it’s pajama time and upstairs we all go
To thuds, thumps and giggles and I think “Oh no”
And there it is waiting at the top just for me
A mountain five children struggle over with glee.
Our collection of things from the downstairs today
I put a 6 year old in charge of putting things away.
I should have known better, but what would you do
When the five, four, and two year olds say they’ll help too.

Unfortunately that's a pretty acurate description of my house today, only no tent in the living room, but the kitchen table is covered with sewing projects and the front room is now carpetted with newspapers that never made it to the trash. Oh well I'm tired it'll still be there tomorrow. I'll take care of it then. (in that respect I'm not quite the slob I used to be, my procrastination times have gone down though I doubt they will ever disappear good.)


Darryl and Cindy said...

Ahhh,..... you gotta love it! And believe it or not, there are days when I miss it. Of course I just go and sit on the beach with a cool drink some chocolate and a good book until I get over it!

leschornmom said...

I loved ypur poem. It brought thoughts of "Happy Chaos". I live those moments every day. Sometimes I appreciate them more than others!
-Good night-

Cathy Shields said...

That was great, I loved it. There is a song by Trace Adkins called You're gonna miss this. I cry whenever I hear it because it's true I miss it. And Cindy I have no beach to go to!!! Lucky you

Brad Phillips said...

Lisa is a neat freak, I'll be curious to see how that works out now...

Leisha said...

That totally describes my day today...I think I will borrow that poem and stick it on my fridge! It sounds less aggravating in the poem than it actually is for me in real life! Something has to give when there are many children under foot, and for me that is usually a spic and span house!