Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This One is for Mom

I came across several old pictures the other day (any of you Brazil Bunch check the other blog) and I found treasures galore. Among them pictures of my Grandpa Doc. I haven't found any others and these were pretty blurry even though I tried to enlarge them some. He's on the far left. This was a family reunion labor day weekend 1996, just less than one year before he passed away. As part of the events/entertainment his group, which included my cousin Hannah, Uncle John and Aunt Nancy, and Grandma Louise, were dancing the macarena. Now the pictures don't do this event justice. There were serious inquiries into whether medical professionals should be summoned either for the ones unable to breathe for laughing, or Grandpa in case he threw out a hip. It was quite the spectacle. Mom, I do have the hard copies of these pics,. I'll give them to you this summer. Enjoy! This wonderful lady was my great-grandma Mildred Eppert. She was Grandpa Doc's mom. In the picture with her is her other son, Grandpa's brother, Uncle Ronald and my sister Hillary. I will always remember going to visit her at the old farmstead and how she always had flowers growing everywhere it seemed. Sunflowers by the garage, petunias, and pansies by the house, and a myriad of flowers for cutting in her gardens. She taught me how to make a doll out of petunias using the flower for the skirt and the leaves and stems for head and arms. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. My mom, of course, has many more memories than I do, so, mom these are for you. Happy Mother's Day! (just a little late)


Cali & Travis said...

Fun pictures! I missed that reunion of '96 because that was my first semester at college. Sadly I was not part of the macarena fest.

Darryl and Cindy said...

A perfect gift! Thank you!

Oh Hillary..... Love the outfit!:-)

(I know, I probably forced you to wear it!)

Hillary and Jake said...

WHAT AM I WEARING!? MOther you should be arrested, forcing me into that is considered child abuse in my book.