Monday, February 16, 2009


The Guffey Family is A-Okay,
Let me tell you how they spend their day.
Jason is off to work on construction
While Shiloh is busy with school instruction.
Emily, Jonas & Adrianna, you see
Love Math and English and Geography.
Preston, Adam and our Lydia girl
Keep the house in a constant whirl
With games and messes, and art on the wall,
So Shiloh's work hours are never small.
So don't complain when the posts are slow
Just know that this family is on the go.
So now they are sending their love your way
And want you to know, they'll post pictures someday!

Posted by Cindy

P.S. Shiloh's Computer is disabled at the moment (her electrical cord shorted out) She will be back online soon.

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