Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yes it will come as a shock I am finally updating my blog. Lots of things have happened lately to keep us busy but nothing other than our visits from "The Grandmas" have seemed blog worthy. And I also haven't had the time to update. However with Grandma Cindy here for a few days here we are.

Jonas loves his P-dog and Liddie Bittie!

I had to go meet with some sisters from church this morning. Long story short, I learned how to make laundry detergent. Anyway Grandma Cindy stepped into a day in my life for a few hours. She got to do school with the kids and keep everyone else occupied at the same time. School went pretty well until the internet started freezing up. At one point while I was still home we had all three computers (mine, Grandma's, and the school computer) going at once.
While I was gone Grandma got pictures of school time. And of my closet in the school room, although I think I've posted that before here it is anyway.

Here is our Odie Podie concentrating very hard on history I believe.

My busy little bees!

And my closet.


Cali and Travis said...

Wow I'm impressed! You should update more often!

Elaina said...

Very nice! Love the closet need to get some room in this house to make a closet like this. Maybe downstairs since we have a full basement. Thanks for the information on Home School. I've been checking out the websites.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

please put up pictures of your mud run!!!!!

John Leschorn said...

This put a big smile on my face, looks like my house... :) Enjoy this time, it is the best...