Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Mud Run - Dirty Blondes

Well, here it is as promised and only a week late. I'm not sure how this will turn out because when I downloaded the pictures I had them oriented to the left and not center so the text may not match the pictures exactly.

The "Dirty Blondes" consisted of me Janet, Andrea, and Mollie (my sister-in-law). This whole thing was Mollie's big idea and we even had shirts with our team logo done on them. We found out later that the color of the mud splatter printed on the shirts was almost the exact color of the real mud.

Anyway, to start we had to get down on the ground, when they shouted "up" push up into plank position then hold it till they yelled "go". Two teams started at a time as you can see and the team behind us were the "Dirt Daubers". As we were waiting we got to talking about different races and they told us all about the Fort Jackson mud run which you will hear all about later since Jason and Mollie are already planning teams and training for (it's in September.)

Ok so finally we're off. I was the slowest runner on the team, but the other girls were very understanding since I volunteered to boost them over the walls. Of course I got some help too since the teams behind us didn't want to wait while I struggled to heave myself over, they gave me a boost. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of that. Those would have been rich.

We had fans cheering us all along the way! They didn't think it looked too hard. Of course these are our strong boys Preston, Jesse (Chad & Suzanna's son), and Jonas. They said they want to be on Team Huge next year.

So when we came up to the "mud pit" this is what we saw...

A sand bagged area filled with red dirt and being flooded with water. Very cold water.

Andrea was the first one through, then Janet and I together, then Mollie. Notice how Janet managed to keep her shirt clean. Mollie hugged her later just so she'd be dirty.

The creek bank was slippery, but we negotiated it with no mishaps. And finally made it to the finish line where we promptly removed our shoes as they weighed about five pounds apiece at that point.

We waited and our fans soon joined us as we cheered for Team Huge and celebrated the fact that we finished.

As we awaited results the kids wanted to run their own race so Jason organized a few sprints for them as well. It's never too early to start training I guess.


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

How fun!!! And I love the BackgroundToo!!!

Travis said...

Okay I absolutely love the pictures of the kids taking off running their own race. That's hilarious!