Sunday, November 1, 2009


I know you guys have been waiting for this so here it is. Our family halloween zoo!
There will be several pictures of all of them together in their costumes because there is not a single picture where they are all looking at the camera and smiling and you can see all their faces at once. Some of the expressions are priceless though if you click on the pictures and enlarge them.
Just in case there are any questions I'll tell you what each one is. Emily is the bunny, Jonas a coyote, Adrianna a tiger, Preston a lion, Lydia a zebra and Adam a giraffe.
One of my favorite shots is Adam's face in the next picture.
Then check out Lyds with the tongue out and Odie and Pres grinning till their little cheeks hurt! I love it!!!
Ok many of you have heard the story, but through sales and and coupons I ended up with an insane amount of candy and spent the same or less than I usually do (which isn't much let me tell you). So after taking candy to a party last weekend and to the ward trunk-or-treat Friday this is how much candy I had left to give out on Halloween. Yes that is a wicker laundry basket, not a huge one, but still big enough for 8 big bags of candy. If the basket doesn't look very big compared to Adam look again at the above pictures to see how much he's grown. The boy is getting big!
We ended up with only 2 handfuls leftover. Our neighborhood is a good one for trick-or-treating, people really get into it. Jason and the kids walked less then half of the neighborhood and when they got home we combined all the candy. (This makes it easier for mom to control the sugar intake.) We just dumped it back into the basket. I think we ended up with more than we started with.


Hillary and Jake said...

your kiddos are so Cute! I bet they got alot of complements on their costumes. They looked fantastic.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Wow!!! They look so good. (Jonas' costume made me think of the Coyote's in Hank the Cow Dog. What a tough Hombre'.)You did fantastic on the costumes!!! Where is the Zoo Keeper?

As for the Candy, that should be enough to last until Easter. Right?

Jacob and Cami said...

Halloween 2 years ago I gave out left over Valentines and Easter candy that I got from Grandma Peggy! Maybe you can put Halloween candy in their Easter Baskets! LOVE, Love, LOVE the costumes and faces. My favorite picture is the one where Lyds looks like she has to pee!

Cali and Travis said...

Yes, I absolutel adore your family zoo! They're all perfect. But I echo the previous statements, where are the zoo keepers?

Kelly and Jesse said...

Tanks for posting.I love your little zoo. Although some of them aren't so little. I can't believe how tall Emily and Jonas are. I appreciate you posting, even two posts in one day, I am not trying to put you on overload but where are the pictures of your baby bump? Love you and miss you.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Two Holidays have come and gone with no new posts. Do you think we could get a new post of the YOu and Jason and kiddos for New Years?