Monday, January 25, 2010


Ok I know that's a really generic title, but that's all this is. Everyone is doing well and we're healthy and happy at the moment. We got report cards on Friday and the lowest grade on any of them was a 95. The kids got ice cream sundaes for that.

Emily is nine now and is suddenly becoming quite the fashonista. She'll tell me what she wants to wear and I'll be a little skeptical, but when she puts the outfit on it turns out to be very cute and trendy. I think she got Cami or Jesse's fashion sense because we all know I don't have any. I can't believe how fast she's growing up.

Jonas is the big news of the week. His lowest score on his report card was a 98 and because he has such high test scores on the standardized tests (98th percentile nationally) he's been asked to be in the "gifted and talented" programs at school next year. He got in a minor bike wreck on Friday and managed to bust his mouth and chip a front tooth (we're headed to the dentist this afternoon) luckily no permanant damage so far. He also participated in his first wrestling tournament on Saturday. He didn't win any of his matches, but did very well and is learning quickly. I think it was a bit of a shock because up until now all he's done is practice moves and techniques and has never actually wrestled a match so this was very different. He only got pinned once and the other two matches he lost on points although one was pretty close. We are so proud of him, but it was so hard for me to watch. I think I'd rather have my kids do running sports or competetive table tennis or badmitton. Anything has got to be easier than watching your kid in a sport where you know he's gonna get hurt and unlike football or something you are close and can see every emotion on their face when they are in pain. Although the better he gets the less that will happen I hope. He really enjoyed it though, so I guess that's what it's all about.

Adrianna is doing so well in school she has made such rapid progress her teacher is very proud she's already started reading chapter books. Last week they did mid year tests and she has come up four reading levels since the last benchmark tests in fall. She is as hilarious as always and always has a smile for everyone.

Preston continues to be a great help at home. He's been going to wrestling practices also, but can't compete until after he turns five, so for him it's all just fun for now. I like that. He is also learning to write his letters very well. Now we get to start really working on his name.

Lydia is the princess as always. She still refuses to wear pants unless forced and only if it's freezing outside and even then she'll wear a dress over them. She is so excited about having a little sister and talks about her little sister "Mawy Awice" all the time.

Adam is suddenly growing up. He still likes to be held and snuggled, but he so enjoys playing cars and nerf gun wars with the boys. I'm anxious to see how he reacts to not being the baby any more.

Well that's all for now.


Cali and Travis said...

WOW! Shiloh updated her blog! That's amazing! Now if we could just get some pictures....

Jacob and Cami said...

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Kelly and Jesse said...

I am also excited about the update. I wish there were pics but I'm just glad that there is something. Where's the update on you and Jason?

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Now this is the kind of Stuff Grandma and Grandpa love to read. Yea!!! for my kiddos!!