Monday, April 5, 2010

Proof that the Easter Bunny Cares About Personal Hygiene

Easter morning we awoke to the joyous sounds of children wondering if the Easter Bunny had visited our house. Now I should explain how this tradition works at our house. The Easter Bunny is a bit of a trickster, he likes to hide things. Our children know that mom and dad get the easter baskets and stuff and the bunny comes in the early morning hours and hides the eggs we've decorated and usually the entire easter baskets too. Everything is hidden somewhere downstairs. No room is off limits including the bathroom and pantry. Occasionally the bunny will bring a small surprise that he adds to the baskets. This year Emily helped me lay out everyone's new outfits on the couch and put the easter baskets, complete with name tags, in front of each one. When the children came down in the morning to see everything set up it was all gone. That silly bunny had even taken their new clothes and hidden them. Well of course they have to wait for Mom and Dad before they were allowed to search, that's just one of those rules.

Now, Adrianna is convinced that she knows who the Easter Bunny really is. When I questioned her she answered me that it is her friend Grady's dad. I asked how she knew Grady's dad was the Easter Bunny and she replied, "Grady told me that he knows his dad is the Easter Bunny and it's not a secret anymore." And, she is convinced she saw a man and a boy running around the corner in our neighborhood that morning (we do live in a neighborhood of several hundred people).

The clencher was when I asked how they knew the Easter Bunny had even come to our house because I didn't see any Easter baskets or anything and Preston piped up with this gem, "I know the Easter Bunny was here because he took a bath in our bath tub!!"

I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything. It would have been out my nose and all over the floor. Instead I just asked how he knew the bunny took a bath. His response, "Because he left fur in the bathtub."

Now that may not make much sense yet, but picture this scenerio:
It's Saturday evening and almost bath time all the boys need haircuts before Sunday. Since it's a beautiful warm evening we take the clippers to the back porch let them take off their shirts then cut their hair and send them straight up to the bath. Yeah, there was "fur" left in the bathtub.

So with that irrefutable evidence we started the great easter basket search. Under tables, behind doors and curtains, in the pantry, and even behind the mini fridge and fishtank. They eventually each found their basket with the new clothes folded neatly on top. The eggs magically got hidden at Nana and Poppa's where we were headed later.

The lesson in all of this? There will always be evidence to support whatever you want to believe in, you just have to find it. The other lesson, The Easter Bunny may care about his personal hygeine, but he doesn't care about the cleanliness of your bathroom.


Cali and Travis said...

I seriously can't stop laughing! I LOVE it!

PS - The pictures are great! Are you planning on getting an email to me anytime soon?

Cali and Travis said...

I seriously can't stop laughing! I LOVE it!

PS - The pictures are great! Are you planning on getting an email to me anytime soon?

Kelly and Jesse said...

That is hilarious. Those two children are definitely Jason's.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Yes!!!! This is hilarious!! So... how furry is Grady's dad?

Gini said...

so funny! wish we could see those kids in person more often, what a riot! the outfits are marvelous.

Alicia said...

You all are hilarious! And everyone's so pretty in their matching outfits.

Erin said...

What an adorable family! Never a dull moment, huh? We had so much fun getting together with you guys last month! When can we do it again?