Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ok so here's Christmas

The kids waiting for Dad to read the Christmas story from the scriptures. Notice the stockings have already been unloaded then put back.
A picture of the tree. The longer it was up the fewer the ornaments that actually stayed on the tree.

Dad getting ready to start reading.
The kids began to get a little impatient. But filled in the blanks in Luke 2.
"What? It's in the Book of Mormon too?" Baby Santa Maggie just gave up and decided the ceiling fan was interesting.
Daddy gets to play Santa.

Adam with his new Bike.Maggie trying to open a present. She got bored pretty fast and decided breakfast sounded better.I didn't get any pictures of the other kids opening presents because it got crazy really fast. However, it was a wonderful Christmas! We drove up and saw the Guffey Clan later on. It started snowing and the roads were bad so we didn't get to go see Grandma Peggy. But we talked on the phone and it was still a Merry Christmas.


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Oohhh So nice to see pictures. What is the next post? Ragnar? Ems Birthday? Can't wait to see it! Thank you for posting.

Cali and Travis said...

Is that the same Santa suit I got for Lydia when she was a baby?

Table for Seven said...

Christmas is so fun with a large family! I hear ya on the crazy part. Brandon and I got tired of not being able to see each child's reaction when they opened their presents that we decided to pass them all out, but have them open them one at a time. Now we get to share the excitement with them. It also makes opening time last longer!

Guffey Family said...

Actually Aunt Callie, It Is.