Sunday, November 28, 2010


And of course eating. The dessert table was as full as the regular food it should be.
And of course lots of friends and family, and a few missionaries for good measure.
We stopped and said hi to Grandpa Bill and yes, if you've noticed the date on my camera I forgot to reset it so these really are recent and not from 2007.
We got to see Bill and Linda.
And our family is finally too big to fit on Grandma's couch for pictures. We're going to have to start standing up or something.

And of course Cindy Marie and Matt and Will were there.
All in all a great Thanksgiving!
Coming soon.....CHRISTMAS! (In July probably, but I'll work on it.)


Jacob and Cami said...

I love how Emily's head is behind Cindy, Matt, and Will. Jacob tries to get in other people's pictures all the time. He would be very proud of Emily.

Hillary and Jake said...

Matt has a goatee! weird.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I love the longgggggg table that goes from the dining room into the parlor. And thanks for the pictures! Next time you see Cindy tell her I love the blonde hair! Will is looking thinner and Matt gets better looking everytime I see him. Aunt Linda and Uncle Bill never change though. Grandma is looking pretty good.

Please set a goal today to post by Valentines Day. Then on Valentines day set a goal to post by St. Patricks Day, etc. We love reading the posts and seeing the pics.

mike and dru said...

I love your post! Grandma Peggy looks so good and like she is having such fun with you all there! Hugs & kisses! - Dru